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Raymond & Pearl

Raymond & Pearl are a Swiss watch company, producing high quality, affordable watches for the fashion-forward individual, looking for a product that matches their expressive nature. Their Horizon collection features 8 different face colours with interchangeable watch straps to fit your own personal style.

Branding, Web Design, Photography, 3D Animation

Redesigning from the ground up

Consulting and re-designing their brand from the ground up, we looked at everything from key messaging and unique selling points, all the way to visual identity and marketing collateral. Giving the brand a refresh, we designed a new modernised logo and visual identity, a variety of creatives, along with bold messaging that speaks to their key audience. We then took this project to the next level by creating the watch in 3D. Doing this allowed us to create visually compelling video displaying the main features of the watch.

Beautiful Branding

Creating beautiful, simple branding for Raymond & Pearl was essential to the whole project. We wanted to create visuals that complemented the watches and not distract from them. We took a fashion branding approach by using imagery of clothing and styles to match the horizon watch collection.

Compelling Social

Using a couple of key messages which resonated with the brand's mission, we created some variations of social media creatives which conveyed that message loud and clear.

3D Design

By creating the watch in 3D we took this project to the next level, creating visually completing video displaying the main features of the watch. Doing this allows us to be a lot more creative with our output and not be restricted by traditional limitations in filming.

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