Automated Sales Outreach


Prospectabot takes all the manual work out of outbound cold prospecting by sending personalised emails on your behalf, to the right audience, following up with those prospects consistently with a sequence of pre-written emails, and then forwarding the hot prospects it generates, directly to your inbox. The Prospectabot dashboard puts all your leads and analytics into one place, allowing you to check on your bot's progress and new leads coming in.

Branding, UX, UI

Balanced Branding

With branding for Prospectabot, we wanted to create a friendly, welcoming visual identity which evokes a user friendly service with a personality. Producing a wide complimentary range of brand colours and simple typography, we could easily create the Prospectabot dashboard with this foundation.

Data Driven Dashboard

Dashboard geared towards displaying the most important data at the front and centre. Designing beautiful looking graphs and charts using brand colours and typography along with giving it a modern, friendly feel makes the dashboard overview easy to distinguish key results from a campaign.

Minimalist Methodology

Rather than having complicated user interfaces to display PDF file previews and spreadsheets. Simple weekly reports and CSV files are easily downloaded with just one click. Due to the large spectrum of potential users, our approach was to use a minimal amount of complexity only when it becomes a necessity.

Flexible Functionality

Making the application responsive for easy viewing on mobile is a big part of a usable platform. Designing the platform for mobile users was just as important as creating for desktop. Users can benefit from the flexible layout and graphs by checking their bot's progress whilst out and about.

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