The Ultimate Jump Starter

Portable Power

Portable Power, an automotive tools manufacturer who have been producing the leading jump starter pack for one of the world’s largest tool companies have decided to go direct to market and sell their tools under their own name. Portable Power have incredible experience manufacturing high quality and reliable equipment that mechanics rely on, however, they have never previous had to worry about selling it themselves. Working on this brand from the ground up, we have supplied an end-to-end service to grow their brand in a competitive market.

Branding, Web Design, Packaging, Social Media,Print Design, Motion Graphics, Videography, Photography

Smooth Shopping

To fuel the product’s sales we created an accessible e-commerce site where customers could find out more about the products and easily purchase them. The website provides very in-depth detail about Portable Power’s entire range, talking on the level of our audience of mechanics, tradesmen and automotive experts.

Sturdy Social

With a brand with such high class production and manufacturing, we wanted to shout about this to the automotive market on social media , mainly Facebook and Instagram. Constructing bold and bright posts for their channels, we can easily promote the amazing features and products Portable Power has. We then identified the perfect audience to display these posts to. The result, great interaction, feedback and sales.

Powerful Print

Creating print work that stands out to a key audience of mechanics and tradesmen isn’t an easy job. Harnessing the power of the colours we have injected into their brand, we have created a variety of different print pieces that stand out from the crowd, whether in the form of a magazine advertisement, a voucher or even an informative leaflet for their products.

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