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Pheed Supplements

Pheed is a ketogenic supplement brand dedicated to helping people reap the benefits of consuming a ketogenic diet in the most accesible way possible. Pheed’s meal replacement shake provides a whole range of essential vitamins and minerals and the perfect macronutrients for someone to thrive in every day life and the gym, while sticking to a ketogenic diet. Working on the visual identity for this brand, we wanted to create something that evoked the nature of the science behind the ketogenic diet, along with a slick, professional feel.​​​​​​​

Branding, Web Design, Packaging Design

Logo Design

Creating the visual identity for Pheed, keeping a simple logo with striking graphics was the key aim to making it memorable and scalable. By the nature of the company, we wanted to create a trademark that would be versatile and look incredible in any medium, from food containers and clothing, to online and other digital media.

Perfect Packaging

Creating simple packaging for their first version of the shake, we used simple, bold and colourful graphic elements on a minimal white base to help Pheed stand out as a visual identity and be memorable.

Sales Ready Site

Pheed’s supplements are all sold direct to consumer online. With this business model, our main focus for this project was the website, which includes simple purchasing functions along with great quality images to show off the brand in its best light.

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