Pensions Specialists

My Claim Helper

My Claim Helper is a team of dedicated, friendly specialists who handle claims relating to mis-sold pensions on behalf of their customers. We created a new trading style, one which offered friendly, jargon-free, advice and genuine help – a breath of fresh air in such a competitive market. The brand needed to be trustworthy, professional, but above all, approachable.

Branding, Web Design

A Friendly Mascot

We approached My Claim Helper in a slightly different way than we traditionally would with brands. In the process of creating a visual identity for them, we created a friendly mascot which reflects personality and trust, accompanied by a smooth rounded script typeface to match.

Welcoming Website

We created a website for customers that was easy to read and follow, making it easy to get in contact with the team and follow up on your enquiry quickly and easily. With the simple layout of the website, we are able to take the customer through a step by step journey about what the company does and how to get help from them.

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