User Focused Freelancing


According to Forbes, by 2027, the majority of U.S workers will be freelancing. It’s becoming increasing popular as a way of supplementing income as well as being a full time ‘job’ for many. It’s easy to see the temptation. With many emerging freelancer platforms, we had to find a clearly defined and strong angle for eWorker. Now freelancers are the focus; rightfully taking the lion’s share of the fees they make.

UX, UI, Branding

Seamless Branding

Whilst creating the branding, we were very mindful of brand colours, graphics and layouts that would fit with the site's user experience. Call to action buttons, notifications and user interface elements directly correlate to the logo and visual identity. Taking this approach makes the visual identity and site a seamless fit.

User Driven Design

We designed the platform with simplicity at the forefront for ease of use with clients and freelancers. We wanted to make the user journeys to view, create and apply for job roles as simple as possible.

Logistical Layouts

Designing the platform from the point of view of the user, we wanted to keep a consistent layout on every page, with easy to use navigations and the main content remaining positioned in the same position on every page.

Breaking Down Data

Flexible and easy to use tables to easily break down data such as hourly rate checks, time sheets and finances. We designed interactive tables with simplicity and ease of use in mind.

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