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Oud essentials

Precious, rare, and incomparably complex, the resinous heartwood of the Aquilaria tree (known as agarwood) has been revered by countless cultures, civilizations and religions for thousands of years, steeped in mystery for its medicinal and anti-ageing benefits.

Oud Essentials are the first company to infuse a skincare range with this precious substance.

Clean & Simple

Providing the company with a clean and simple ecommerce site which complimented their brand and the incredible story behind it. The site gives room for incredible imagery to put the products front and centre as well as making it as simple as possible for customers to purchase the products directly from the website in a few easy steps.

Oud Essential web site

Gorgeous Grids

Utilising amazing photography and graphics, producing breath-taking grids for their instagram page along with collateral for their other social channels, we gave the brand its voice on online platforms. Giving them an online presence on these platforms puts them right in front of their key target audiences.

Oud Essentials Instagram grids Oud Essentials Regenerating Serum Oud Essentials Regenerating Serum Oud Essentials Dual Phase Oil Oud Essentials Dual Phase Oil

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