Healthier water face washing

Healthier water

Healthier Water are the UK manufacturer of a hydrogen-enhancing purification system which allows you to essentially get mineral water, from your tap. This system removes the chemicals that your normal plumbing system doesn’t filter out, such as chlorine, flouride, hormones, heavy metals, pesticides and bacteria and infuses the water with Hydrogen.

Clear Branding

We produced Healthier Water a very minimal and considered logo which reflects their brand and what they sell. Using minimal colours and giving their new brand plenty of space to breathe. Along with this, we provided a refreshing and simple colour pallette which set the tone for the rest of the brand.

Healthier water branding

Informative Journey

In designing & building the website, we wanted to give the audience all the information available about the science behind this filteration system along with the ability to easily order this through the site. The layout of this simple one page site provides you with all the information before making a purchase. Having this simple yet effective customer journey lets the customers know exactly what they are investing in.

Healthier water web site

Stunning Stationary

Along with delivering them with a refreshing brand, we also applied this work to stationary, including business cards, letterheads and folders for information packs.

Healthier water folder Healthier water business cards

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